Technically Complex Product

PROJECT GOAL: This project is intended to understand and solve a problem in a product keeping in mind its assembly and technical details. This was done to sensitize one to ultimately design for assembly and manufacture.

The module was divided into 3 phases to structure the design process and to ease assessment of the things required to move ahead to the next step of the design process.

Phase 1:

It all began with product selection. The product I chose was a popcorn maker. But there were a few different types of popcorn makers so I had to pick and chose one based on product appreciation points, problems to be solved and ease of access to it since having the product around would be indeed helpful in understanding the intricate details of the product.

Comparison of different popcorn poppers
  • User and context validation and study
  • Use case environment study
  • Product study and study of functional aspects of individual parts
  • Families that have movie nights or semi-frequently eat popcorn
  • People who need a healthy snack to binge on
  • Children who have started to make snacks or foods on their own
Task analysis
wiring of the popcorn popper
  • The made popcorn gets tossed out far sometimes, hence dirties the space
  • The heat is directed towards the user due to the placement of the product makes the user uncomfortable and might cause small burns
  • The machine needs to be stored safely after each use
  • No Flavouring after popping

Now after getting all the essential data I went ahead to redefine my initial brief for the project.

Phase 2:

In this phase, most of the ideation was done for the redesign. We followed the 6,3,5 method for structured ideation for easing the process for a project of such a short time span.

Product benchmarking Board
inspiration board (Retro and Minimal)
Decor board for the environment for my product
colour board (mix of the energy of red and joy of yellow)

Phase 3:

These messy sketches eventually lead to three concepts, which were 3d modelled to understand the surfaces and for further ideations.

Concept 1:

Concept 2:

Concept 3:

stage 1 concept
stage 2 concept
final product
Overall dimension drawing of the product

Now I present to you my popcorn maker:

This product was made keeping in mind that it’ll be used as a lifestyle product by young adults and adults and will be kept in living room like spaces due to which my primary source of inspiration were Braun products during the time of Dieter Rams.

The 3D model of my product is designed for assembly as well as for manufacture.



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