Simple product design

Starting with the main project.

Day 1:

First brief:

To design a dentifrice dispenser which can be easily used by people with no hands or fingers.

  • how big is the dispenser
  • who uses the toothpaste dispenser
  • how often is it used
  • where is it kept (shelf, rack or pouch)
  • how is it kept
  • should it be waterproof
  • how long is the use
  • how much paste is required to be dispensed at a time
  • can it be made portable i.e. used by people who are traveling
  • is it manual, automated or semi-automated
  • are any type of digital sensors required
  • are there any buttons, knobs or sliders
  • what materials are used
  • can it be disposed of easily
  • who is the user
  • how often do they use it
  • can it be used by other types of users
  • what do they do before and after the use of the product
  • how does it dispense the toothpaste
  • can it be used for other pastes or gels
  • does it require any sort of touch
  • is it independent of the user or requires some input
  • can it be done by one for another
  • will small children be able to use it

Research Goals:

  • to find a new technology which can help in portable and hands-free dispensing of toothpaste
  • to integrate the process of brushing and putting the toothpaste on a brush together
  • to simplify the process of brushing for someone without fingers or hands or has some deformity or problem with motor skills.
  • Chew Sticks: Chew sticks are used as mouth fresheners and like the name suggests one is supposed to chew on with to clean teeth. This has been done for a very long and this can be dated to as far as 3500BC in the Mesopotamian regions.
  • Chewing Gum: Chewing Gums are often used as temporary mouth freshers and are widely used all around the world today.
  • Toothpaste Pills: Toothpaste pills are a fairly new way of using toothpaste and can be very handy in some situations where water is not available, you just bite it and brush regularly. This was also created to reduce the use to plastics in making toothpaste tubes.
  • Mechanical Toothpaste Dispenser: These mechanical toothpaste dispenser work on very simple push and suction mechanism, you push the brush in the hole which triggers a suction mechanism which dispenses the toothpaste onto the toothnrush.
  • Toothpaste Squeezer: This is a very simple product where you turn a knob to apply pressure to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube.

User Research:

New brief: To create a toothpaste dispensing unit to ease the process for people with reduced motor skills in their hands.

Identifying my user:

  • hands-free
  • waterproof
  • automated
  • reduce user error
  • fall damage
  • connected
  • compact
  • fast charge
  • time saver
  • daily driver
all the research till now


This concept was inspired by a bullet magazine, came to my mind because I’ve been playing a lot of video games lately.

About My Product:

My product proposal is target at people who have limited or reduced motor skills in their hands. It is a toothpaste pill dispenser. Its aim is to be a substitute for the toothpaste tube which is widely used all throughout the world.

Materials used:

Bottle and Cap- HDPE [high-density polyethylene]

My first finalized form exploration felt too rigid to me and didn't fit in the bathroom setting in my opinion.
My final form proposition, it is an overall softer form which can fit amongst the other toiletries.
Rough dimensions for my final cad model
Cad model render
orthographic drawing
material exploration: glass to show internal parts

Value Addition:

Whenever there is a new design out there it brings about a small change or brings a certain value with its use. If it is a redesigned product it adds values to its existing design with creates a USP[unique selling point] for itself. This is very important for a product to be absorbed in the market.

The Values that my product will add:

  • Newness: It will act as an alternative to the widely used toothpaste tube and could be used by anyone
  • Helpfulness: Toothpaste removal will be a more forgiving task for everyone, especially for people with hand problems.
  • Hassel-free: The use of this product won’t dirty the place.
  • Refillable: Once the pills are over, more pills can be refilled in the dispenser which will reduce polymer waste.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank my faculty and guide Mr. Kuntal De for helping, guiding, and teaching me about many things that one should take into consideration in the process of designing any product. I would also like to thank my fellow classmates who also helped me out whenever in need and giving me feedback on my work which helped me during this entire process of making a simple product.



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