Opportunity Mapping

3 min readAug 13, 2020


Hi, my name is Abhishek Eugene Bage and I’m an Industrial Design student at the National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh.

In this particular blog, I would like to share my work and process during the course of opportunity mapping under the guidance of Mr.Kuntal De.

Assignment 1: Conflict mapping of our house.


Assignment 2: Frequency and resource mapping of a space

So the Resouce I wanted to map was the use of an Air Conditioner during the season of summer and monsoon in Mumbai.


Blue shows the use of the AC in the summer season and Yellow shows the use of AC in the monsoon.

Assignment 3: Using Participatory learning and action to validate our previous maps.


The purpose of these assignments was to understand a space and to try and identify the problems in a given space through mapping and data analysis given or made in those maps.

Assignment 4: Jot down problems we see in our own space and write down real-life scenarios that exist or can exist in a possible future with respect to those problems.

Drying of clothes

  • In places with long monsoon seasons
  • In places with dust storms
  • In places like Alaska, Finland, Norway where there is no sunlight for a prolonged period of time

Working from home

  • YouTubers/Streamer/Content creators
  • Basically everyone right now due to the lockdown situation
  • Writers

Network issues

  • In building with thick walls
  • Due to Network Blockers
  • Traveler or Campers in the wilderness

Assignment 5:

Prezi Presentation link: