Nature and Form:

Here I'm just studying the overall proportions and diving the form into parts
  • strength
  • dynamism
  • balance
  • sturdiness

Exploration 1:

Here I tried to change the dynamism and balance factor of the form and see how it affects the form.

Here I have simplified the form to simple flowing lines
Here I have compared the dynamism that was giving due to the two ends of the form and tried to find what changes would occur if one was to go away.

Exploration 2:

Here I tried to enhance the key attributes of the form.

Exploration 3:

Here I tried to reduce the details and push the boundaries of the form to achieve a softer feel whilst retaining some of its key attributes.

Exploration 4:

Here I tried to add another attribute to the form without causing big changes to the existing attributes. The attribute that I tried to add was fierce.

Exploration 5:

Here I tried to explore how gender can be view in terms of form.

Exploration 6:

Here I tried to add age attribute to the form to make it give a feeling of being old.

Final Products:

Rough Renders of the final product

Final Renders:



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